"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tse

As a sophomore in college, I took the plunge from studying nursing to studying psychology. Now, you have to understand, when you study nursing, no one asks you, "What do you think you'­ll do with that degree?"  The answer is pretty obvious, "Become a nurse."  However, as a Psychology student, people asked me that question all the time. And I had no good answer. All I knew was that I loved what I was studying and that it made sense to me. It made sense in my head, and it made sense in my heart.


What I've learned since that time is that there were many experiences that I had up to that point, that created a lens through which I viewed life and relationships. I felt overwhelmed, irritable, and lonely. I often thought, if I can just make a change / be more disciplined / get out of this situation, I would feel different. The problem is, I took myself with me wherever I went! In retrospect, those feelings were a gift. They made me uncomfortable enough to search for healing and hope.

In my own journey toward freedom and joy, I realized that the experiences I had with my own family (for better or for worse) were living inside of me. I was living out of old patterns rather than out of my own choice. Exploring my feelings, lead me toward insight into my past, and that gave me the ability to reclaim my own freedom, hope and joy.

When I completed my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at Azusa Pacific University (2002), I had a much clearer sense of my calling. My heart's desire is to reach out to women, help women who are struggling to heal, and empower women who have experienced healing to soar!

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 45250) I have the joy of having two private practice offices, one in Pasadena, CA, and one in Glendora, CA.  I feel like I never work a day in my life, because I truly love what I do.


If you´d like to take the first step toward healing and freedom, call me about setting up a free initial consultation.

Let´s soar!


Kelly Duggan Shearer, M.A. LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist



Offices in Pasadena, CA, (near Lake Avenue and California Boulevard) and Glendora, CA (near 210 and 57 freeway junction).