Kelly Duggan Shearer
Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist (MFC 45250)


Offices Locations:
Pasadena, California
(near Lake Avenue and California Boulevard)
Glendora, California
(near the 57 and 210 freeway junction).

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There are so many times in our lives when we feel like our emotional world has been turned upside down. Sometimes, it's a new transition, like moving or becoming a mother for the first time.

Other times, it's a person or situation that's been in our lives for a long time, and we have come to a place where we don't want more of the same, we want more joy.

  • feels stressed out and overwhelmed.
  • feels irritated and can't seem to "get over it."
  • worries a lot.
  • feels like everything has to be "perfect" to have a good day.
  • looks in the mirror and doesn't like what you see, inside or out.
  • feels lonely, even when surrounded by your friends or family.
  • feels distant from your husband or significant other, and doesn't know why.
  • eats, watches TV, or "zones out" in some way when you're bored or upset.
  • has gone through some tough times, and needs someone to listen.
  • is a sensitive, intelligent, beautiful woman, who often forgets that fact.

    If you thought, "that's me" to even one of these statements, you are not alone.

Many women feel sad, overwhelmed, or frustrated when their life undergoes changes. Other times, these feelings can indicate that it's time for a change. By exploring how your experiences impact the way you feel today, you can begin to see things differently and find hope for your future.

I just want you to know, from my heart and from my experience, that you are not alone. I look forward to finding out how, together, we can help you find hope. Please call me to find out how you can reclaim freedom in your heart and joy in your life.
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